Our team of experts combined their manufacturing and engineering experience to design and build the Revolution product line creating an efficient and cost effective design that would reduce energy consumption while simplifying and minimizing maintenance activities.

The Revolution design features a patented hollow propeller design coupled to a hollow drive shaft that enables large volumes of air to be injected and sheared into a high velocity cloud of fine micro bubbles several meters below the liquid surface. The pitch of the propeller blades ensures that effluent from above and below the device is thoroughly mixed with the air keeping solids in suspension and creating a large area of influence surrounding the device.

EXCELLENT Dissolved Oxygen RATES
In field trials, the Revolution was found to produce exceptional Dissolved Oxygen readings in a substantially greater effective zone when compared to traditional mechanical surface aerators.

Available in a variety of materials to suit any budget, the Revolution self aspirating aerator and mixer is robust and simple, incorporating heavy duty pillow block bearings with all seals and bearings located above the liquid surface and protected by a custom vacuum formed enclosure. As standard equipment, the pillow block bearings are equipped with electric programmable grease dispensers that keep the bearings lubricated with precisely the correct amount of grease for up to 18 months.

The Revolution does not require a blower or compressor to provide oxygen to effluents. Simply by rotating the shaft and impeller in a liquid, air is drawn from the surface to the propeller. Through product testing and development, the Revolution has been sized to run at an optimum speed range that provides a balance of air volume, velocity and mixing energy. The result is a device that demonstrates superior oxygen transfer rates compared to traditional mechanical surface aerators.

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