The Revolution™

Developed by Midan Industries Ltd., the Revolution™ is a compilation of decades of metal casting, aeration equipment design and fabrication, and commercial marine engineering experience. Combined, this experience and expertise has allowed us to create the most advanced mechanical fine bubble aerator on the market today.

  • Excellent mixing and high gas transfer rates
  • Simple and robust design elements
  • Exceptional 2 year warranty
  • Adaptable to specific installation and operating requirements

Utilizing a patented, hollow propeller, the Revolution™ introduces and shears air below the liquid surface to provide high gas transfer rates and excellent mixing. A custom enclosure is incorporated into the design of the Revolution™ that completely covers and protects the shaft, bearings, seals, belts and motor from the elements. The enclosure helps to keep all critical components clean and dry which will keep them running longer and more reliably.

If protection from the elements isnít enough, Midan offers a comprehensive warranty on all of our Revolution™ products. If a component on one of the stainless unitís breaks, wears out, or otherwise fails to meet your expectations, weíll replace it free of charge for a period of two years after the date of purchase*.

The flexibility of the revolution design ensures that it is suitable for multiple wastewater treatment processes and can be installed onto existing fixed platforms, tank tops or on the Revolution™ float system. Revolution™ aerators have been installed in multiple wastewater treatment processes including activated sludge, extended aeration, induced gas floatation, ATAD and others.

With our custom enclosure, industry leading warranty and suitability to multiple wastewater treatment processes the Revolution™ has got you covered. Whatís more-- whether itís a standard design shipped from inventory or a custom built machine specifically designed for your application, Midan can help in adapting the Revolution™ to suite your particular installation and operating parameters.

*One year for our galvanized steel units.

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